Mr. Joshua L. Black entitles you to claim the sum of $1,800,000.00

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Mrs. Mary Lynn, I am well known in my community

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Greetings to you & your Family.

It took me time and divine intervention to write you this mail as we have never had any correspondence before.

Actually, I got your e-mail address from the Online classified posted on the net. My Name is Mrs Mary Lynn from Benin Rep, a Cancer Patient having my treatment in the First Foundation Hospital Benin Rep.

I am well known in my community, besides, a major Real Estate Agent, an Environmental Management and a licensed Oil Merchant before now.

Unfortunately, I have been living and struggling with breast cancer for close to 18 months now though unmarried, my only daughter is 12yrs old.

Since the break of my horrible dilemma, I have gone through series of operations and still to undergo a final operation within the next few
days. I am afraid because this will be my first major operation, is likely I will not survival after the operation.

Based on my last discussion with my Lawyer, the future of my daughter is giving me problem because I want my hard earned money to be invested for her future.

I seek your assistance in taking control of managing the fund and the future of my Daughter as a Foreigner. The fund was fixed deposit in a Bank also my lawyer has been introduced in every detail on how the money can be released from the Bank to you.

You will promise me that you will manage this fund very well and receive your yearly payment from the proceed of the investment while half will be given for the development of treatment of cancer patients in your country and rest will remain with you for the up keep of my daughter.

Thanks very much and hoping to read from you soon Pls Reply to me at this Email Addresses (


Mrs. Mary Lynn.

Mr Robinson Williams offer Loans with a capital base between a minimum amount of $10,000.00

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I am Mr Robinson Williams Private Money Lender with over (14) Fourteen Years of Business experience.
I offer Loans with a capital base between a minimum amount of $10,000.00 and a maximum amount of $100,000.000.00 open to Individuals, Firms and Corporate Bodies regardless of their Marital Status, Sex, Religion, and Location but must have a legal means of repaying back the Loan at the stipulated time, And Must be Trust Worthy.
Find below is  Borrower’s Data Form which you are expected to Fill and get back to me so i can send to you,The Loan terms and repayment schedule for the stated amount which must be within the Range of $10,000.00 To $100,000.000.00 and note that the interest rate is 3%.
* Name Of Applicant:
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* Income Rate:
* Tel
* Mobile
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* Place Of work:.
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You are required to get back to me with the above informatios if you are interested through my personal email address below
Kinds Regards
Mr Robinson Williams